You know that feeling … you have been on holiday, you come back feeling inspired with a renewed sense of purpose, and a few weeks later while back in the usual hustle and bustle, that has all become but a distant memory. This blog can be found here.

Family, adventure, relaxation, fun

Holidays are great, actually even very much needed. Sun, snow, water, family, friends, adventure, relaxation, exercise, wine, pizza, ice cream … and lots of linked benefits (read benefits of holidays)

‘Storm before the silence’

Generally, my Aprils, Mays and Junes are crazy with the build-up and handover of work before the start of the summer season. Every year, the stress in this period is immense, but that is okay, as I always know the holiday is around the corner.

The unwinding process

My general pattern on holiday is firstly disconnecting (e.g. from mobiles, to-do lists, people requesting things), allowing my emptying head the space to unwind, and even to get in some decent sleep (read sleep well lead well).

Phase two, especially with the better sleeping, my daily routine slows and body and mind start to relax on a whole new level; not too many ‘stimulus response’ moments in and out.

With my more extended holidays, and less constant barrage of emails, Whatsapps, people and requests, I start to think really clearly, deeply and creatively. I have noticed in the past this is when my sense of purpose and inspiration start spiking, resulting in me returning home feeling energised, encouraged, positive and with new plans for the near future.

Change unlocks the saboteurs

It is awesome coming home and feeling inspired and having a sense of purpose, but achieving the linked goals are not always so easy. It is a bit like the weeks after your New Year’s resolutions 🙁

In the coaching world they say, “The bigger the step you are wanting to take, the louder the ‘voices’ in your head speak!” These ‘holding-you-back’ voices are what we sometimes call the saboteurs (watch know your saboteurs). They are normal, we all have them, they are here to ‘protect’ us, and we cannot get rid of but only ‘quieten’ them.

Each and everyone has what it takes

I notice many of the clients I work with have the knowledge, skills and qualities to get pretty much most of the things they want in their lives … but somehow they do not see that themselves. Their confidence is low, there is this fear of the unknown, and the saboteurs are chattering wildly in their heads.

It is said, “What what you think, you will eventually become!” … so it is very much a head thing. Interestingly, what we think we can do, we can actually do double that; our body and mind is only protecting by not taking us to our limits. So, we can do a lot more than what we think!

Strength in numbers

I am a big believer in people and that they can get whatever they want. Also, I know each and everyone of us takes pride in doing things ourselves. I also believe in the ‘we over me’, that there is strength in numbers, and by having a thinking and sparring partner (or coach) by your side supporting, encouraging and challenging can be immensely beneficial.

Coach = support, encourage, challenge, clarity

A sparring partner can definitely be helpful in supporting you in getting what you want.

With a coach, you get your goal clearer, understand why it is important, what will happen when you achieve it, how will you get there, and who the important people around you are helping make it a reality.

Sometimes you need some support, or someone to hold a mirror, or stand by your side pumping their fists encouraging that you can do it, or just a fiery personality who will be a challenger and kick you in the butt when you need it.

Carry on your energy and inspiration into Q3 and Q4

As you come out of the holiday season feeling energised and inspired, make sure you take the steps to get what you want in your life. Consider at the same time the possibility of a coach or someone else who can support you in getting from A to Z i.e. to what you want.

If you would like to explore this more, please feel free to get into contact with us.

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