A complimentary combination of coaching and 1-on-1 training all wrapped into one!


In our day to day work with our clients and the organisations we work with, we at The Leading Profession (TLP) are seeing a common theme, and it is no different to what you read in the media channels out there.


Organisations are focusing big time on developing their people … it is important for capacity building to execute their strategies, it motivates their people, their engagement surveys show they must, there is a direct link with the organisation’s bottom line, and it is what people want and need.


There is also a war on for talent and organisations are wanting more to bind in their people, so investing in and developing them is paramount not only for the now, but also the future!


Leading and managing people is a big development area


If you dive deeper, one of the most common areas needing development is leading and managing others.


One tends to see people who have performed well (a large proportion are usually specialists) being promoted to leader or manager roles, and soon afterwards it can start becoming a challenge for them and their people. As they say, “You always get promoted to a level of incompetence!”


Having said that, this is not the only area, many business professionals today are facing and struggling with topics ranging from being effective problem solvers to better managing their time or others’ expectations, and to influencing, being assertive or setting boundaries … there is a long list that we are all trying to get better at!


Many development options out there


There are currently many options out in the market today, from customised and open enrolment programmes to coaching and mentoring, to company secondments and stretch assignments, to conferences, events, lunch-and-learns, through to the trendy online, digital and micro learning … and the list goes on. These are all great options, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.


100% tailored, good use of time, right priced


When it comes to development options, there are a few elements decision makers are looking for. They want solutions that are 100% tailored to their people’s development needs, it should not take up too much time out of the office, not be too expensive, and they want the peace-of-mind that the person delivering the solution will close the development gap.


Some organisations only have a handful of people at a time they want to develop. Now what?


In many cases, due to practical and budgetary reasons, organisations have only a handful of people at a time they can develop e.g. one or two per department or team. So, what works best in this situation?


You could register these one or two people on a relevant open enrolment programme … it is generally a cost-effective option, but as ‘off-the-shelf’ it is not always 100% tailored, or the dates might not match a person’s diary. There are of course customised in-company programmes, which are 100% tailored, but need at least 10 – 20 people per run, and they can be costly.


Of course, coaching is a popular choice … it is 1 on 1 making it tailored and intimate, but not all development needs are always met.


An alternative and effective solution – Coaching PLUS


At TLP, we have just launched a new solution – Coaching PLUS i.e. a complimentary combination of coaching and 1-on-1 training all wrapped into one, which can also be an attractive option for organisations who only have a handful of people to develop.


Coaching PLUS comprises:

  • Coaching – helps build a person’s self-awareness, offers them choices they can take, builds self-confidence, and develops them so they can make meaningful transformations in their life. With all the exploring, deepening and insights from the coaching, this part primes the person for the next i.e. the 1 on 1 training, and also allows TLP to adapt the learning approach appropriately.
  • 1 on 1 training – where relevant best practices are shared (e.g. leverage different leadership styles, how to give tough feedback, build a team, conduct performance conversations, etc) and practiced within an experiential learn-by-doing setting (e.g. role play, reality-based exercises, etc).

“It is not about telling people what to do, it is about offering variety they can freely choose from … people like to get tips and tricks!


100 % attention – 100% tailored – 100% engaged – huge impact!


In Coaching PLUS, every minute of the process is focused on the person, their needs, their situation … completely tailor-made!


The end-result is people who are more aware, more confident, their development gaps closed and also more engaged and motivated. Coaching and training smartly intertwined together compliment one another, and the impact has a very strong link to the organisation’s bottom line!


If you would like to know more about Coaching PLUS, the areas we specialise in (e.g. for the 1 on 1 training), or how we could support you further, please go Coaching PLUS or contact us

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